Areas of specialization: Sustainability

Areas of specialization


  1. Sustainability strategy and programs

  2. Community relations

  3. Human Rights and business

  4. Legal compliance

  5. Perception studies

01. Sustainability strategy and programs

More than 15 years experience in LAC and Europe allows us to provide excellent, avant-garde services.

  • We elaborate your company’s sustainability scorecard.
  • We develop sustainability policies and strategies.
  • We implement environmental and social Due Diligence.
  • We develop a map of socio-environmental risks.
  • We map interest groups and material analysis.
  • We identify gaps in priority ODS.

02. Community relations

Good relationships with neighbors allows us to operate without interruptions.

  • We design community relations strategies.
  • We elaborate territorial development plans.
  • We develop benefit sharing agreements, based on Australian case studies.
  • We give scholarships to 10 executives per year for courses in mining and development in Australia.
  • We design corporate volunteer programs.
  • We coordinate Voluntare Network.

03. Human Rights and business
  • We identify gaps in company practices with respect to Human Rights and company guiding principles.
  • We prioritize and reduce gaps between international standards and real practices.
  • We plan community participation and involvement in the process.
  • We advise the creation of National Human Rights and company plans.
  • We train public officials on human rights and company issues.

04. Legal compliance

Identify the legal aspects and adjust your project in order to achieve good compliance rates.

  • We develop human baselines.
  • We proactively plan with the community.
  • We design plans for citizen participation.
  • We adjust your operation to standards: IFC, DJSI, SVS, GRI G4, OECD, ISO 26,000

05. Perception Studies

Get to know what your neighbors think about your business.

We develop studies through quantitative and qualitative methods about values, attitudes, perceptions, opinions, judgments and points of view that different types of public or interest groups have about the company or project.

Studies on national, regional or local scale. Interviews, focus groups and surveys with highly qualified personnel.