Evaluar para Innovar

Partner organizations

The project had the aim of building capacity in sustainability business and NGO managers to use and produce evidence, as a product of credible impact evaluations, in order to improve the effects of their companies’ social investments. The expectation was not to train business executives in statistics. The aim is to support them in using existing evidence in their decisions to allocate investments and in the process of creating programs with quality designs that allow further evaluations.

In order to achieve the objective, the project plan was composed of five components:

  1. Need´s assessment
  2. Call for participants and kick-off seminar in a regional conference
  3. Online training
  4. Face to face training
  5. Follow up planning and designing of the working group/ network

360 companies and corporate foundations from 14 countries in Latin America participated in these activities during 2018/2019. We are planning the phase II for 2020.

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