Who we are

InnovacionAL: Measurement and Sustainability

Measure to plan; plan to measure

InnovacionAL is a social enterprise. We seek to improve and increase the positive social impact of companies and organizations in society through studies, measurements and consulting services.

Our trajectory and international networks allow us to develop avant-garde projects.

Our team

We have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the areas of sustainability, social projects, and evaluation of programs.

  • Management from start to finish in results-oriented projects
  • Analytical capacity and easy-to-understand graphical presentations
  • Work and communication with various stakeholders including authorities, the press and environmentalists, among others.

The reason for our work

Irrational numbers

In 2016, due to legal paralyzation of projects, $595 million dollars were put on hold. At the same time, 200 million people are still living off $4-10 dollars a day.

Shared diagnosis

Companies and communities need DATA in order to have discussions. Debunk myths and preconceived beliefs to make decisions using evidence.

A large-scale goal

We need feasible investment in projects without negatively affecting vulnerable populations.

Our small grain of sand

Our role is to support the sustainability of companies with measurements and data that allow better interaction between companies and community.

International Network

We have a network of consultants that support us in projects that we develop in Latin America, Europe, and other regions.

  • CAF- Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina
  • JPAL- MIT USA, Oficina de LAC
  • Universidad Tecnológica de Queensland, Australia
  • Red Cliff, Australia
  • Community Works, Australia
  • Estrategia y Voluntariado, España
  • Voluntare, España
  • Manus Consulting, USA
  • Fundación Novus, Bolivia
  • Avanza sostenible, Perú
  • Mujeres del Pacífico, Chile
  • Impact 2030, Naciones Unidas